Are you an Event Planning Company?

No; we are an Event Hosting Company. We host various events, locally as well as host “Getaways”. If you have an event that you have planned, we offer “Day of Event Hosting” services as well. We will “HOST” your event the day of, so that you are able to enjoy and not have to “work” on your special day.

What types of Events do you have?

Our Events range from Book Discussions, Silent Parties, NYE Events, Paint and Sips, Weekend Getaways, just to name a few. Follow our page and view our monthly calendar to keep up with all we have to offer. If you have an event in mind, contact us for customized services.

What is Goddess Giveaways?

You will hear this term often associated with Goddess Getaways and Events.  With each our our events, it will always tie back to some Community Service. Whether its donating school supplies to local schools, or making care packages for the homeless, or hosting Prom Giveaways for those students who under normal circumstances would not be able to attend due to financial hardships, Goddess Giveaways will always do our part by helping out and giving back to our community.

“We will get you to your happy place”