Goddess Getaways and Events is a vision that President Paris Patton from Chicago, IL has held for over 15 years.

The “Vision” behind Goddess Getaways and Events had significant missing puzzle pieces.  Unknowingly, these missing pieces were strategically being placed into her life to birth her dream. Over the last 10 years, Paris did not realize that those missing critical parts were being sent to her individually.  Various business opportunities, along with personal connections, exposed her to great relationships which developed into amazing sisterhoods and partnerships.  The relationships that developed between these ladies from various backgrounds collectively completed the puzzle now known as “Goddess Getaways & Events”.

The experiences they had supporting, encouraging and traveling together on a regular basis, yielded forth a desire to bring that same kind of experience to their clients.

It is our  hope and vision to provide  these same valuable life changing opportunities to adults who want to engage and explore various energizing functions both locally and long distance,  These events and getaways will provide a fun, safe, relaxing – affordable experience to all.

When given the opportunity, we would LOVE to “Get you to your happy place.”

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 situation all events have been put on hold until further notice from Governor Mike DeWine. We pray that you and your families stay safe from all hurt, harm, and dangers during this very stressful time. We look forward to celebrating with you soon.